Monday, March 7, 2011

The History of Jazz - a Media-Rich App on a Timeline

I've been wanting to know more about jazz and found some enthusiastic posts about the History of Jazz app on Ipad. Here it is. I bought it and as an informal learner, I'm loving it. If you were teaching a course in the history of jazz, how would you use it?

On the more analytical side, I hope these companies consider other ways to offer such wonderful resources. We are back to digital divide issues, if they don't, and that is a potential learning barrier.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

TED ED Invites You to the Revolution

At a workplace in the nineties, I used to have a tagline that said "Here for the revolution." Somewhere I drifted over to the thought that change in education would be evolutionary, that people had to move along a continuum to really change the model. Well, it just has not been happening at the pace we need.

And beyond the political news, there is once again talk of the revolution with TED's creation of an educational community. So, I'm back. Watch the video and consider the opportunity to contribute to the TED ED BrainTrust: