Monday, August 23, 2010

Alec Couros' Presents on Informal Networks

Alec Couros is a higher educator for U of Regina. His presentation illustrates the way social medial has caused an explosion of knowledge and human sources for learning opportunity. Two good points: 1) Certain literacies are an important part of benefitting from such opportunity, and 2) How does a skilled educator facilitate such opportunity?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tech Tools for Assessment

This presentation is due for some updates, but I wanted to share this assessment presentation LisaMarie Johnson and I put together a while ago.

Letting Them Show What They Know: Tech Tools for Assessment

New Designs for Assesssment

I enjoyed doing this presentation with CCCOnline's Karen Kaemmerling.

It addressed opportunities for interactive and engaging formative and summative assessment practices.

New Designs for Assesssment

Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0: What's on Your Plate?

The theme for this training day was the Web 2.0 Buffet -- fun theme.

Increasing Learner Opportunities With Recent Technologies

Friday, August 13, 2010

Second Life Publications and How to Cite SL Sources

The Info Island Virtual Community Library has a wealth of online, print, and article bibs for books and articles about SL, as well as some links that show how to cite for SL: There's an SL archiving site also.

If You Put the Tweet Button on Your Site

This video explains how putting the Tweet Button on your site makes it easy for someone to tweet easily from your url: (See mine at the right.)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting Re-Directed and Focused

I have been away from the online world for a bit. Took a month away to see my mother and relatives in Minnesota.

It marked the first time in many years that I actually had some unstructured time.The occasion? I chose to re-direct, you know, the early boomer, second career choice. That said, I'm back :).

In my next work, I look forward to the opportunities to
  • design learning environments for specific communities of users, ones which support learning success and incorporate appropriate 21st century tools and strategies
  • define and apply quality evaluation models for projects and courses
  • explore, communicate, and train others on new technologies that support learning
  • contribute to global efforts in the positive outcomes made possible through educational communities