Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pamela Call Recorder, Powergamo Choices for Skype Interviews

Had an interview scheduled today using Skype to phone. We hoped to save the files to .wav for editing in Audacity. I looked at ProGamo, though I had used a free version of Pamela before.

I downloaded the basic version of Powergamo and soon learned that it would not allow an export of Skype to phone on the free version. So I downloaded the Professional version to find out I now needed to register (purchase) it. I wasn't keen on paying $34 for a license I might use once, so I went over to Pamela.

Pamela cost about $20 for a version that allows exports that does not limit the recording time. (The free version does allow 15 minute recordings).

The screen information did say it was not available for Mac though (I was on my PC.) Skype automatically records to MP3, though you can set options to other file types, which we did (.wav). I did have to pay a few cents per minute to call from Skype to the phone.

So we proceeded. I called her phone to phone to review the script at no cost. We then went to Skype to phone and recorded.

Glad to know we have that part of the work in the bag--now it's in the editor's hands. What was so great about this interview was the expertise shared by the guest which will definitely add a practioner's viewpoint to the theory.

While you may be asking why we both weren't on Skype, this is just to say we were not, and I appreciated the guests time, however we might connect and benefit from this exchange.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cathy Davidson's video on "attention deficit" has been making the rounds. She states that in cases where people are asked to pay attention to certain things, they may miss other items in the same evironment. The extension to the digital age? Even with focus, we may miss things. Having the ability to focus is a needed skill. Additionally, having archived media lets us review events for what we may have missed.