Friday, June 19, 2015

Bob Nilsson's Survey of Educator Satisfaction with OER

Saw Bob Nilsson's infographic in Twitter this am about a survey with educators and their satisfaction with OER. Thanks to him for making this item embeddable:

Survey: 94% of Open Educational Resources Users Are Happy With the Quality from Extreme Networks

I would like to know more about the survey group as I prepare a group of posts about my own excursions into OER as a faculty member, and instructional designer, and artist. How many was the survey sent to, and how many responded? Were the educators from k-12, higher ed or both? Looking forward to learning more.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

More Learning: This Time about Making Art

Critique June 11, 2015 I am taking online courses in painting and drawing and realize I need to practice basics, even while I am making art. I am starting to think I paint impulsively, though some or the early works are ones I feel satisfied about, though they were technically uninformed. In contrast, I have the feeling that if I had more of the fundamentals, I’d be much more able. For example, after struggling to resolve issues in a current painting, I just cut the canvas from the frame and kept the part of the painting that works (my opinion here). My Sistah Meema and I talk about what can happen when we loosen up in our work. From that vantage point, I see some early works I really like, and was engaged with, how I trusted the experience to guide me through techniques that produced work I like. These ruminations bring me back to this quote: “Before enlightenment you carry the water and chop the wood. After enlightenment you carry the water and chop the wood.”