Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Having a Geekfest with our Grown Children

Our grown children are home for Thanksgiving. We have been having so much Geek fun this am.GeekDaughter showed me the Files Lite app for the Iphone--you can file share between your desktop and your Iphone. SonnyGeek loaded the augmented reality app from Esquire and we played with that(after Timbuckteeth reminded me of it on Twitter). I showed him JING and he played with it some.

My one disappointment. I tried to download the AR app and my message says my graphic card isn't substantial enough. Puzzled by that when I can use Second Life.

The AR codes added video elements to the otherwise flat, text-based reading experience. How might this be used for education? Son said he could see it being really valuable for tutorials on to use particular software applications. I can see it embedded in buildings on campus. Used with a computer, it increases the connection between paper and digital media. I think it would be more powerful for connections between physical objects such as an artifact. Using it with readers in portable devices would be of added value too.

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