Saturday, April 17, 2010

Over the Top QR Code Project

This week I attended the ELearning Colorado Consortium Conference.

One term referred to in a keynote was augmented reality. I had seen some examples earlier this year but had forgotten about them.

The Strange Librarian so nicely explains augmented reality as "placing computer-based or cloud-based information on real-world locations" (or items). QR codes are an augmented reality application. QR means Quick Reference and is a 2D image which transmits such digital information through scanning software.

These codes (like bar codes) are read by a reader in camera phones (though you can download them to desktops, at least in some cases). So you might have product info, or maps, or contact info, or a photo, or websites. You may now see them in magazines or on products or even on some buildings.

Sites are available to download the scanner software for a variety of phones, and sites also allow each of us create QR codes.

The keynoters had made mention of QR on t-shirts, and I did have some fun looking at QR codes on T-Shirts, bags, business cards, and caps. Coming across this video took it right over the top, though -- how to use a knitting machine to create a scarf with your desired QR code:

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  1. The Scarf is really cool.

    I think QR stands for "quick response"

    I agree- I think QR and AR can have some really interesting applications to education.

    I have been designing a lot of custom designed QR codes at my website Please check it out.