Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Day Review ala Speed Dating

Creative Commons Licensed Work by MikeCrane83
My friend Roy just shared an opening day exercise with learners in the second course of a two-course sequence, based on the speed dating model. He said most of the students already knew each other from the other class and he wanted them to review some material as they entered the second term.

So he had them pair off, then gave them a question to discuss for three minutes. After the first three minutes, one of the pair would move on to discuss the next question with another person. He used 8 questions this time out, and said students asked to do that activity again.

The move and talk model not only keeps the interest going. His take was students were not only teaching each other and uncoving misconceptions, but "switching-up voices" provided another way of explaining the concept, possibly making it more clear than an earlier explanation.

Thanks, Roy! I love that you keep sharing these energizing practices.

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