Tuesday, June 5, 2012

At Which Location Are You Most Productive?

Gist created a wonderful infographic on devices and work mobility. One of the items in this info- graphic represented people indicating the location they where they felt most productive: Office (46%), Home (38%), and "No Preference"(9%). The "No Preference" categories included planes, hotels, public transportation and coffee shops.

I now work from home, and sometimes go to a coffee shop when I need a change of scene to buoy productivity that seems to have slowed. While traveling I work from multiple locations, and this is now even easier with the wifi hotspot capacity from my phone.

In the last two organization-based positions, one employer did not see why a person would possibly want to work from home. I shared that I could get up in the morning, pull on running clothes, work hard till noon, go for a run, then clean up and finish the work day. The time not spent getting dressed until after I worked and exercised added to my productivity.

The other organizational workplace had a set day where all employees were on site for meetings and interactions, then had a schedule for when some teams were on site while the others telecommuted.
Because there is benefit to having face time and proximity, this seemed like a great solution.

What's been your experience? One question--have you been able to get a hotspot while riding Amtrack?

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