Monday, August 12, 2013

Sessions for Another School Year and Life Generally

Tomorrow I’m going to visit Upward Bound students and share a couple strategies I’ve shared past in academic success courses. I was impressed with how many colleges listed one of the two, SQ4R on the web.

The Session Descriptions
SQ4R for Reading and Study: SQ4R is a reading and study method for informational or textbook reading. It can be expecially helpful when we are faced with reading in a topic we aren’t very excited about or find challenging to get through.

Making Decisions You Can Live With: Sometimes a person can have a tough time making a decision. We may know we have more than one choice, but still aren’t sure about it once we’ve made a choice. This model helps us see beyond the solution to the result of that choice. And that is where we might just see which choice is a better fit for us.

SQ4R Resources
This short video (less than 6 minutes) explains the elements of the SQ4R method.
The link which immediately follows contains a text-based explanation of SQ4R, a worksheet to guide a learner through using the method, the link to the video, and an additional resource for note taking:

Resources for Making Decisions You Can Live With 
Here is the link for a worksheet for the decision-making model. I started using this model with academic success students after reading a technical writing article using this model many years ago. My apologies as I no longer have the source citation.

As the title of this post suggests, given our life-long learning challenges, both of these strategies have use well beyond the sessions for which they were prepared.

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