Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Testing an App from Glass to Blogger--it's a go

testing blogger application in glass
Posted From Glass

I found the 3rd party Blogger app for Glass here: Also there was an app for Wordpress.

So it seems I've been spending a small part of every evening at "Glass Camp"--trying out various functions in Glass so I can articulate what I really want to learn to do with this wearable technology. 

Tweeting and blogging (less so) have been ways I engage, and I have already added the Twitter app to Glassware. 

After installing the Blogger app tonight, when I give the update oommand in Glass it shows both Twitter and Blogger.

I have yet to send pictures to either.

I seem to be slower than those who found Glass to be an instant companion. So while the first two lines were spoken to Blogger from Glass, the rest of this post has been an update from my laptop.

Onward. I've installed Hangout, but have yet to create a Hangout from Glass. Have also loaded YouTube and haphazardly clicked on and played some video; creating, uploading and utilizing a playlist in a directed way are still on my "to do and learn."

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