Saturday, April 1, 2017

Borrow from your Library or Buy?

April is National Library Month. And here's a tip: By adding the Library Extension to  Chrome, you can see if your local library has titles you may have looked at in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Good Reads:

Find the extension/app in the App Store, and install it on your Chrome Browser as directed (The site says, the extension for Foxfire is forthcoming.) Select a local library or libraries in the extension to connect their catalogs with Amazon or Good Reads.

Next, if you see a title in Amazon, click on the title, and it will activate the search in your library.

I have been very happy with the results--I can see the number of copies available in our local branches, or where it might be loaned from if an interlibrary loan is needed. I can put a hold on the book with my library card number. The first time out, the book I wanted did need to be loaned from another library, and my own library notified me in a few days that it was available for pick-up.

As an added note, I've had an exchange with the developer. He is a programming professional and created the app to speed up his own search process with his own library. Great contribution.

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