Monday, July 17, 2017

Getting Social in Real Time with Online Learning

I recently visited with an organization’s HR members about how employees there were responding to some online learning courses. Some of the employees had enrolled in Spanish and some had enrolled in sign language. Their feedback was

One employee said she had made flash cards to rehearse the various sign vocabulary, but when a person who had also taken sign gestured to her in sign, she found herself fumbling to communicate back. When she heard that others had signed up for the course at a future date, she resolved to contact them, share her flash card technique, but also practice with them in real time.

Having heard this great example, HR could also share this idea with employees who were also enrolling in the Spanish courses.

The insight made so much sense, especially since these are applied communication courses. The rehearsal sessions could even be done over lunch, for that matter.

The rehearsal strategy could also be used with Skype or Google Hangout if other learners in the course were not on site. A learner might ask the vendor contact to help them find another enrollee who might be interested in such a strategy.

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