Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sue Waters' Keynote at TCC Conference

TCC is a 14 year old conference hosted by Hawaiin, Japanese colleges and sponsors like New Media Consortium. It's a worldwide conference and just a nice group of people who provide some really good presentations.

Just attended one of the opening keynotes by an educator/edublogger from Australia, Sue Waters. Her talk was about global projects that connect students to authentic global audiences--this understanding is different when we experience it. She pointed to the Net Gen Challenge and Flat Classroom Project as examples.

She advised educators to establish their own personal learning networks to learn and experience how the tools also impact/change the way we learn to "connect,communicate, collaborate,and create."


138 in attendance: Australia, Saudi Arabia,Canada, and states including AK, OH, IA, AZ, PA, HI and more.

Last, Sue Waters has a sense of humor--when the technology got fussy, she remarked she might just "burst into tears and need chocolate." It resonated with a lot of us :).

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