Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More About Code

An after school program recently shared there is a request for an enrichment learning class on coding. I’m not a coder, but you’ll remember I bought the toys Dash and Dot for the sake of understanding how these toys can forward knowledge and coding practice.

 The Hour of Code effort offers all kinds of curriculum for this purpose. Code.org and the Khan Academy are two such sites:



This is the second year of Hour of Code events. This video highlight a couple things: President Obama’s visit with students during an Hour of Code Event at the White House, and the mention of Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, one of the early experts to convert binary computer code to language resembling code we use today:

  PS. Note

The programmable toy on the table in the video—yes, I’m working on a code routine for mine! So more to come. But in leaving today, I want to share this video by Common Craft which nicely elaborates on coding principles:


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