Sunday, March 8, 2015

Creating a Multimedia Work--Attributions and Permissions Sought

I am working on a multi-media work "of you i sing" and writing a piece on the attributions. I've written a second email to ask permissions for the use of one of the images, a fabulous doll/statue by Rosalie Paniyak to her daughter, after first writing to the National Museum of the American Indian, where I saw this wonderful piece. The other image is part of a birthday card sent to me, and I cannot find the portion that bears the maker or owner of copyright. If anyone knows who this is, please contact me: This post is being linked to a QR code that will be appear on this work.

These images express the beauty of things grown and made—the pickup and the NM chilies come from a birthday card. The image of “My Love, Miss Liberty" by Chevak dollmaker Rosalie Paneyak comes from a photo I took of Miss Liberty in the National Museum of the American Indian in Manhattan. Nearby is the Staten Island Ferry that takes you to the French gift of the Statue of Liberty. To me, Rosalie’s is the most beautiful. Documents say she gave this doll to Bush 41. So does he still have a version or did he share this one? I first wrote to the National Museum and sent them a copy of the photo asking permissions. They advised me to contact Rosalie's estate or a gallery representative. After some searching, I also found that Rosalie's daughter Ursula Irvin is also a doll artist.

I have written to Rosalie’s daughter Ursula to ask permissions for the use of the photo of her mother's creation in the case I would make it public in some way. 

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