Sunday, July 19, 2015

Love and Mercy, Treating Mental Illness, and Psychiatric Research

Last night spouse Rick and I went sent to see Love and Mercy--a Bryan Wilson biopic: Parts are hard to watch because of the level of verbal abuse he experienced. But the power of the story is to watch a musical genius function and survive w/ a serious mental illness. We saw him perform after this period and thought he was downed out--when you see the clip of him at the end of the film in his current life, you realize his is the face of someone who has survived a terrific battle. 

Today, a news piece on the NY Times pops out at me by a clinical psych prof who talks about the lack of funding for psychiatric research to forward the treatment of PSTD and better comparison between old and new effective medications and procedures ("Psychiatry's Identity Crisis" NYT Sunday Review, p. 5:

Rick and I were talking about the the old labels and the realization of complexities of disorders that are not easily defined by the labels. This is the second post in NYT in recent weeks--the last was about the treatment of traumatic brain injuries and some of those inconclusive results when combined with PSTD.

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