Monday, July 13, 2015

The Best of Free-Range, Experiential, and Cross-Cultural Learning

Some of the best learning comes with food.  Which is what drives my sharing and explorations. Treated to amazing family banquets in northeast China when our son married an amazing woman from there, we ate tasty dishes of pealed peanuts which had been boiled in five spice mix. Back in the states, our friends with Southern heritage treated us to boiled peanuts which they pronounced “bowled peanuts.” So I am learning to cook them for our Chinese relatives when they come to visit. And how would I best describe this effort? Establishing  the spirit of community through food is so positive. Of value is our opportunity to recognize common points  of culture or practice as we invite them to what are considered to be new experiences.

In my own learning, my dear friends showed me where to order the peanuts at They gave me directions on how order, soak, and boil the peanuts in a crock pot. Our daughter-in-law shared how seasoning Chinese Five Spice is part of the preparation she knows.

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